Who We Are

Joint-win Partners were founded in 2008 as one of the fifirst integrated law fifirms in the industry.  Since then, we have strived to provide professional legal services in the hearts of cities we  serve. To achieve this goal, we have chosen to establish our offifices in prominent urban landmarks, demonstrating our commitment to the local community and our vision of building local  industry benchmarks.

Most Joint-win Partners are graduates of fifirst-class law schools at home and abroad, and many  of us have complex work experience in administrative departments, judicial organs, fifinancial  institutions, listed companies, and enterprise groups. Our rich professional experience and  well-honed skills in handling various legal affairs make our service rigorous, cost-controllable,  and effective.

Most of us at Joint-win Partners hold master's degrees or above, and some of us have studied or  worked in fifirst-class law schools and international law fifirms in North America, Europe, Japan,  and Southeast Asia, where we hold local law licenses. We are always at the forefront of new  practices and academic research, and we keep the interests of our clients as cornerstones of our  professional value.

Here at Joint-win Partners, we have abandoned the outdated hierarchies of antiquated legal  practice. In order to cope with the increasingly segmented, diversifified and complex demand for  legal services, all major cases are provided with custom-assembled law teams according to the  characteristics of different cases and requirements of different clients. To assemble our highly-effificient teams, we take into account all elements of lawyers' professional expertise, qualifification background, abilities, age structure, etc. Doing so, we are uniquely positioned to provide  for any legal needs of our clients.



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  • Director of Urban Renewal & Real Estate Expropriation Practices Center
  • Director of Corporate Equity Practices Center
  • Director of Company Law Practices Center
  • Director of Compliance Practices Center
  • Director of Bankruptcy Management Practices Center
  • Director of Infrastructure & Construction Practices Center
  • Director of Financial Dispute Resolution Practices Center
  • Director of Science & Technology Law Practices Center
  • Director of Civil Litigation Practices Center
  • Director of Corporate M&A Practices Center
  • Director of Commercial Dispute Resolution Practices Center
  • Director of Cultural Media & Entertainment Law Practices Center
  • Director of Criminal-Civil Intersection & Criminal Compliance Practices Center
  • Director of Criminal Defense & Criminal Prosecution Practices Center
  • Director of Banking Practices Center
  • Director of Asset Management Practices Center
  • Director of Intellectual Property Practices Center
  • Director of External Relations Committee
  • Director of Business Development Committee
  • Director of Risk Control Committee

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  • Customs & International Trade
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  • Administrative Law
  • Labor Arbitration
  • Company law
  • Real Estate
  • Capitalization Operation & Legal Risk Control of Pension Industry
  • Cultural Entertainment
  • Medical Damage
  • Traffic Accident
  • Internet Legal
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  • Urban Renewal & Real Estate Expropriation Practices Center
  • Company Law
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  • Commercial Dispute Resolution
  • Infrastructure & Construction
  • Financial Dispute Resolution
  • Science & Technology Law
  • Civil Litigation
  • Bankruptcy Management
  • Corporate M&A
  • Commercial Dispute Resolution
  • Cultural Media & Entertainment Law
  • Criminal-Civil Intersection & Criminal Compliance
  • Criminal Defense & Criminal Prosecution
  • Banking
  • Asset Management
  • Intellectual Property

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